• Zight's reporting solutions are designed to improve public transport

    Our solutions deliver insights into the quality, use and profitability of public transport. They are designed to monitor and improve all aspects of your public transport.

  • Qbuzz:
    Cloud-based solution to optimise Quality and Revenue

    Every day Qbuzz strives to deliver the best quality. With Zight’s reporting solution they have insights into customer behavior, performance and revenue. All to analyse and optimise.

  • RTA-Dubai:
    Intelligence to maximise Cost Recovery and Service

    RTA is working on a 100% Direct Cost Recovery while maintaining a high service quality. With Zight’s reporting solution this process is monitored and accelerated.

  • Dutch Railways:
    Post-Paid Travelling in all transport modes

    The NS-Business Card was already accepted by the Dutch Railways. Now this post-paid proposition is also valid in buses, trams and metros of other Operators. Zight facilitates these Operators to calculate the right revenue and to have it invoiced correctly.

  • RET-Rotterdam:
    Monitoring Ridership and Revenue with e-ticketing data

    RET - the Operator in the city of Rotterdam - was one of the first to use e-ticketing data in order to improve service and revenue. With the support of our trainers, RET can now operate the reporting solution independently.

  • Province of Fryslân:
    Monitoring Operators if they comply with the contract

    The province of Fryslân has contracted its Public Transport to several Operators. To check if the agreed performance is delivered, Fryslân monitors on time performance, ridership, revenue, lost kilometers, occupancy etc.



We deliver and maintain reporting solutions, designed to improve Public Transport.

Operators and Regulators use our solutions for daily monitoring and analysis. We support them with design, development, hosting, testing, maintenance and consultancy.

Because of our long history in Public Transport, we know the industry, the systems and the data. Based on this experience we offer tailor-made and off-the-shelf solutions.


We know Transit-systems. And we are experts in unlocking the value of their data.

Our systems gather and process data using Business Intelligence. With this engine we have built solutions on practically every Transit datasource from all large vendors.

Our highly sophisticated Business Intelligence tool guarantees performance, flexibility and scalability. We have proven this in Dubai, Rotterdam and other complex regions.


We offer solutions that support managers and employees in making informed decisions.

That is our core value. We help to gain insight into quality, use and profit. And disclose it in such a way that users get informed quickly, and get a direction for action.

Apart from offering pre-defined reports, we also train our clients to create and distribute their own reports. This enables them to operate our solutions independently.



Zight is a full service BI-agency. Our projects start with design & development, are accepted with testing and are kept with support & maintenance.

These services are built upon more than a decade of experience in Transit and Business Intelligence. During our projects we deal with all relevant issues in software development. Dilemmas like:

  • Off-the-shelf or tailor-made?
  • Insourced or in the cloud?
  • Casual users and/or co-creators?
  • Tested by clients or a 3rd party?
  • Open or on-site training?


To design and develop cutting-edge solutions, we follow an interactive and concentrated approach with proven techniques, blueprints and best practices.

This approach ensures a solution that helps to optimize the service to passengers, and to maximize efficiency and profitability of the entire organisation. The key milestones during design are:

  • Key performance indicators;
  • Efficiency ratios;
  • Business logic;
  • Data source analysis;
  • Sitemap & designs.


Global Network

We believe in local presence and in centralized development. That enables us to deliver tailor-made solutions, while benefiting from the world’s best practices.

To offer the finest service and support, we work together with contracted partners. All of them have excellent reputations in their local Transit Industry and a strong belief in the power of data and Business Intelligence.

To let our clients benefit from innovations in other parts of the world, we have concentrated our research & development in the Netherlands. This enables us to offer state-of-the-art solutions in any region.




Free training for licenced users that need an introduction to the functionality of our tooling…



Free training for licenced users that need to increase their skills in (advanced) analysis and report development…


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Transport Ticketing, The Lancaster London, UK
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